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Narika youth society \Narikayuvasangh came into existence on 13 th day of March 2008 with the mere intention of starting an institute of fashion designing where a one-year diploma and six-month crash course was taken up to teach the cutting, drafting, sketching, stitching and designing, and apparel both for kids and ladies including hand embroidery,aari, and zardosi work, etc.

This IIFD institute successfully taught and trained the ladies to be self-employed, start-up their boutique and tailoring shop, and take up their careers further in this field through degree and fashion design engineering.

Women are a powerful and beautiful entity of the world. There is a huge need to empower women to live their lives and have a sense of self-worth freely. For that, we are contributing our efforts. We got to know that the needy were out of reach; the womenfolk who wanted to be skilled were far from rural and remote areas.

Contribute on our charity work by your donation. Thanks for your heart ♥.

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